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Cervi Championship Rodeo

Cervi Championship Rodeo is celebrating 50 years of rodeo this year. What began in 1967 when they purchased the renowned Beutler Brothers Rodeo Company, has grown today into the largest stock contractor for rodeo productions across the United States. Mike Cervi, founder, began his rodeo career at age 14, traveling across North America from the great plains of Texas to the rolling hills of Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada serving as a rodeo clown. Throughout the years, the Cervi family has acquired the two largest companies in the rodeo business, including purchasing the Billy Minick Rodeo Company in 1974, formerly owned by well-known producers Harry Knight and Gene Autry. With the acquisition, Cervi became the largest stock contractor in the nation and renamed the company Cervi Championship Rodeo; combining Beutler Brothers & Cervi Rodeo and Cervi Championship Rodeo into one corporation. Currently, Cervi Championship Rodeo produces 10 of the top 50 rodeos in the PRCA. In the past seven years, 98 Cervi Championship Rodeo animals have been selected for the NFR and they were honored to win three go rounds at the 2016 NFR. Cervi Championship Rodeo’s main goal as a renowned stock contracting company is to produce fast and exciting rodeo with the best bucking stock available.

 Cervi Management
Binion Cervi, Executive Director, has experience in every aspect of rodeo production. Beginning his career while still in elementary school, he earned pocket change at the National Western Rodeo by shining shoes and boots for cowboys and patrons. In his early teens, Binion orchestrated a top trick-riding specialty act, which he performed at rodeos all around the country. Today, Binion heads up the production of rodeos, oversees the successful breeding program for Cervi bucking horses, manages the finances, and is the face of public relations for Cervi Championship Rodeo. Having experienced the “show business” part of rodeo through his trick-riding acts, Binion is now incorporating these skills to highlight Cervi Rodeo productions with audience appealing openings, closings and specialty acts that illustrate American patriotism and western heritage. These little extras at Cervi Championship Rodeos provide fans a great feeling about the performances and an added appreciation for the western way of life.  

Chase Cervi, Ranch Manager and pick-up man, is very involved in the behind-the-scenes organization of the company. Chase organizes a breeding program for the companies’ bucking bulls, oversees the management of staff that work each rodeo, and is a true stockman helping to tend to the Cervi saddle horses and all other stock at the rodeos. Rodeo cowboys value their relationship with Chase and talking to him about the Cervi stock and rodeo. As a pick-up man, Chase has acquired and developed the ability to anticipate the moves of the bucking horses and the needs of the bronc riders; he is able to quickly position himself to aid both the animal and the cowboy efficiently and effectively. In 2010 and 2014 – 2016, the top twenty bareback riders and saddlebronc riders in the world standings selected Chase as a pickup man to work the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV and in 2016 he won the prestigious Pickup Man of the Year award.

As a team, the Cervi boys control every aspect of Cervi Championship Rodeo performances from raising great bucking stock, to directing the movements of everything that goes on in the arena from the start of a rodeo to the end. Finally, they are forever grateful to their sponsors that make it possible for them take the very best bucking stock down the road every day of the year: Greeley Hat Works, Vitalix and Classic Equine®.